Our Courses

Using Microsoft PowerPoint in your Classroom (3 CEUs)

  • How to create professional and engaging presentations for the classroom
  • How to customize presentations utilizing animation, video, and size

Achievement with Active Engagement Structures 101(3 CEUs)

  • Research supporting active engagement strategies
  • How to use active engagement strategies in your classroom for achievement

K-8 Science Strategies that Stand Out (3 CEUs)

  • Strategies to make learning science fun
  • Teaching science through specific science engagement strategies

Emerging Technologies for Teachers (3 CEUs)

  • Helps educators become experienced with leading edge technologies and transfer them into the classroom
  • Matching technologies to student’s learning styles

Motivating Students (3 CEUs)

  • Help teachers identify factors that affect student motivation
  • Teachers will learn about and plan strategies and approaches that will allow them to create a classroom that is motivating for all of their students

Digital Photography in Classrooms (3 CEUs)

  • Learn how to set up your camera for perfect photos and apply it to the classroom
  • Learn how to create award winning photo projects in your classroom

Web Resources for Educators (3 CEUs)

  • This course is designed to introduce educators to various cognitive tools found on the World Wide Web
  • Using these tools, teachers can save time, improve instruction, and enhance student learning

Web-Enabled Students as Content Creators (3 CEUs)

  • Aid teachers in designing effective instruction targeted at enabling students to create digital content to show mastery of learning.
  • Teachers will know how to define learning targets focused on students creating content, develop instruction to enable your students to use web-based resources, and learn how to assess student work using rubrics and reflection

SmartBoard 101(3 CEUs)

  • Introduction to the basics of setting up and using the SmartBoard in classrooms
  • Strategies for using a SmartBoard to maximize its capability

Classroom Integration of Social Technologies (3 CEUs)

  • Classroom Integration of Social Technologies will explore various Internet based social networking resources
  • Application of social technologies create active learning environments using 21st century teaching initiatives

Smart Teaching with Google Maps (3 CEUs)

  • How to use Google Maps as a technological engagement tool in classrooms
  • How to use Google Maps Basics, Map Tools, and Custom Maps in your Classroom

The Arts as a Teaching Tool (3 CEUs)

  • Using “The Arts” and Your Curriculum
  • Research based practices and the importance of “The Arts” in learning

Essential Elements of High School Science Teaching (3 CEUs)

  • This course is designed to help high school science teachers produce students that not only master course content, but also become scientifically proficient thinkers and problem solvers
  • Course participants will analyze their current teaching methods and develop new lessons which implement the 6 essential elements necessary for maximum success in today’s science classroom

Successful Parent Conferences (1 CEU)

  • This course is designed to help teachers effectively and efficiently prepare for parent-teacher conferences
  • Participants will investigate strategies for conducting and following up a successful and informative conference